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Bobby Supernatural

Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I'm gonna lose my memory. So here's everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the. Bobby Singer ist wie Sam und Dean ein Dämonen- und Monsterjäger. Er fungiert durch sein großes Wissen eher als Berater und Vaterfigur.

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Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer war ein Jäger, ein enger Freund und über die Zeit eine Vaterfigur für. Robert Steven Singer ist eine fiktive Figur in der Horror-Drama-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Jim Beaver porträtiert wird. Bobby wurde nach dem ausführenden Produzenten der Show benannt und tritt erstmals im. Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. 1. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. Bobby Singer ist wie Sam und Dean ein Dämonen- und Monsterjäger. Er fungiert durch sein großes Wissen eher als Berater und Vaterfigur. Seit die Figur von Bobby Singer in der 7. Supernatural-Staffel das Zeitliche segnete, wurde Bobby-Schauspieler Jim Beaver in jeder Staffel mit. - Fiona Mutch hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

Bobby Supernatural

Bobby Singer ist wie Sam und Dean ein Dämonen- und Monsterjäger. Er fungiert durch sein großes Wissen eher als Berater und Vaterfigur. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Bobby Supernatural in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller. Seit die Figur von Bobby Singer in der 7. Supernatural-Staffel das Zeitliche segnete, wurde Bobby-Schauspieler Jim Beaver in jeder Staffel mit. Bobby Supernatural

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Official Sites: Instagram Official Site. Edit Did You Know? Trivia: Speaks rudimentary German and Japanese.

The scene in Season 4 of Supernatural where Bobby is revealed to speak Japanese was included at his suggestion.

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Bobby Supernatural

He and Dean later wait for the entity in a barn and meet the angel Castiel. Bobby shoots at him but it has no effect and Bobby is knocked out shortly afterwards by Castiel with a simple touch.

Bobby's unconscious form is tended to by Dean. In Are You There, God? He gives Dean and Sam books for them to research.

He finally puts them to rest using a banishing spell. He returns to save the brothers from a seductive siren in Sex and Violence.

Bobby is seen briefly in The Rapture , towards the end of the episode. He calls Sam and asks that both Dean and Sam get to his place immediately.

Once there, Dean and Bobby trick Sam and lock him up for his own safety inside the panic room. Now with Sam locked up, detoxing from the demon blood, Bobby gets a call from Rufus Turner about seals breaking.

He suggests they let Sam out and use him as a weapon in the on-coming demon war. Dean refuses this. Though Dean does agree to work with the angels, and Bobby calls Dean the angel's bitch.

Dean and Bobby soon notice how it's gone quiet downstairs, and rush to the panic room. There Sam is being flung around by the demon blood's effects, and the two hold him down.

Bobby tells Dean they are going to need to tie Sam down, and asks Dean "Are you with me? Dean answers yes, because the demon blood is killing him.

Bobby disagrees and says that they are the ones killing Sam. Dean refuses to give him more blood, and Bobby says Sam will die. Dean replies, "at least he'll die human.

When Sam escapes, Bobby catches him, attempts to make Sam turn around. But Sam refuses and knocks Bobby out. Now with Sam gone, Bobby and Dean investigate how Sam got out.

Dean leaves to track Sam down and Bobby to watch the police database. After the fight with Sam, Dean heads back to Bobby's. Bobby tries to convince Dean to call Sam, but Dean refuses.

Bobby explodes and tells Dean that family is not only meant to make you happy, but unhappy as well. The conversation stops when Dean is suddenly teleported by the angels to The Green Room.

Sam reveals to Bobby that it was he, not Lilith, that was responsible for Lucifer being freed. Bobby becomes angry and tells Sam that, if they survive the Apocalypse , he wants nothing to do with him.

Sam leaves, while Bobby and Dean continue research. Bobby is revealed to be possessed by a demon after Dean finds a lead and Bobby almost kills him, before stabbing himself with Ruby's Knife, therefore killing the demon possessing him.

Sam and Dean rush Bobby to the hospital where his wound is repaired. The doctor informs him that he is unlikely to walk again.

Bobby tells Sam that it was the demon, not Bobby himself, that said those things to him, and that he's not cutting him out of his life.

Bobby then gets an urgent call from fellow hunter Rufus Turner to immediately get to River Pass, Colorado, as Rufus is under attack by what he says are demons.

Bobby, since he can't walk, sends Dean and Sam to help out. In The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Bobby finds out that a witch is holding poker games with the stakes being years instead of money.

He sees this as a chance to escape his wheelchair and rushes to play, only to lose 25 years. Dean immediately threatens the witch before betting 25 of his own years in the game to restore Bobby, only to lose 25 more.

As the hunters work to undo Dean's fate, Bobby admits his personal feelings of uselessness at a time of such urgency, even considering suicide.

After experiencing life as an old man, Dean appreciates Bobby's view, but urges him that he is not useless and begs him to not try and kill himself.

In Abandon All Hope With Castiel, they team up with Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Before they leave though, they all gather at Bobby's house to reminiscence and drink beer.

Bobby then gets a picture of them all, for they know that not everyone will live. There, Castiel sees many reapers all over, even though no one else can.

He goes to investigate. The Winchesters and Harvelles are then attacked by hellhounds , one of them mortally wounding Jo.

They lock themselves inside a hardware store, trying to help Jo. Dean then reaches Bobby by radio, telling them of their situation.

Bobby concludes that the reapers are there because there will be many deaths due to a ritual, which turns out to be true.

Sam and Dean try to convince him that he must kill her since she is a zombie , but he tells them to leave or they will have trouble. As Bobby's wife starts to turn he realizes he must kill her.

After he killed her again, every zombie in town starts coming after him. He and Dean fight them off and in the end are saved by Sam and the town sheriff, Jody , who refers to Bobby as the town drunk.

Bobby tells the boys that Death sent the dead after him because he supports the Winchesters and is one of the reasons why Sam hasn't said yes to Lucifer yet.

While Dean says he at least got 5 days with his wife, Bobby tells them that only made it a times worse. He and Sam look for another way, while Dean makes comments.

Bobby tries to talk Dean into helping and calls him son. Dean retorts by telling Bobby that he isn't his father, visibly hurting Bobby.

Bobby soon stands his ground by revealing he has a gun and a single bullet which he reveals he contemplates on using to kill himself but doesn't as he promised Dean that he'd help.

Then Sam and Dean's resurrected half-brother Adam comes into the picture and wants to consent to being Michael's vessel.

When Dean escapes, Sam tells Bobby to watch over Adam but the latter slips away after giving his location to Zachariah.

He offers to tell Bobby Death's location in exchange for Bobby's soul, which Crowley promises he'll give right back. Though it happens off-screen, Bobby accepts Crowley catches the deal-sealing-kiss on his iPhone.

Bobby with Crowley's encouragement informs the boys of the deal in Two Minutes to Midnight. Also in Two Minutes to Midnight , it is revealed that Crowley restored Bobby's ability to walk, citing a personal addition he made to Bobby's deal on Bobby's behalf when Bobby "really wasted that crossroads deal.

According to Bobby, he celebrated his restored legs by walking up and down stairs all night to make sure it wasn't a dream. He is later told about Dean's meeting with Death and confronts Dean over what he fears more: losing, or losing his brother.

In Swan Song , Bobby travels to Detroit after figuring out that Lucifer is there from demonic omens and says goodbye to Sam, telling him not to give up fighting.

After Sam loses the fight, Bobby gives up hope, saying there was little hope he'd succeed, but comes to Stull Cemetery with Castiel and Dean anyway.

There, he is splattered in Castiel's blood when Lucifer kills him and he shoots Lucifer twice when he attacks Dean.

Lucifer is unaffected and telekinetically snaps Bobby's neck, killing him. After Lucifer is cast back into Hell with Michael by Sam, God resurrects Castiel and the latter uses his newly restored upgraded powers to resurrect Bobby.

Bobby and Dean say goodbye at Bobby's salvage yard and according to Chuck , don't see each other again for a long time.

Bobby is hunting a Rugaru outside of Dayton a week later. Dean comes to Bobby for shelter for Lisa and Ben when he reunites with Sam and finds out there are a few Djinn after the brothers.

During this short visit, he finds out that Bobby knew that Sam was alive the whole year he was back and out of Dean's life. Dean asks why he didn't tell him, to which Bobby replies that Dean was "as close to happiness as he's ever seen a hunter get".

He also admits he didn't want to lie to him, but Dean was out of hunting. A year ago, Bobby summoned Crowley to have him return his soul as part of the deal to end the Apocalypse.

However, Crowley reneged on the deal and now holds it for a ten-year period. Since then, Bobby has been collecting research on Crowley, to counter-bargain for his soul.

He captures and tortures a Crossroad Demon to find his real name before he became a demon. Throughout the weekend, Bobby provides support for the Winchester brothers and the rest of the hunters, helps fellow hunter Rufus bury a Japanese Okami demon and contends with an FBI agent trying to hunt down Rufus.

Bobby then goes and hunts for the Okami when he realizes it survived and escaped. Although he manages to finish off the Okami, it ruins his chances of striking up a relationship with Marcy , his next-door neighbor, which Bobby calls the story of his life.

Dean tells Bobby about Sam's changes and his problems, but Bobby is distracted by other calls. When Dean scolds Bobby for being selfish and cold for not listening, Bobby snaps and gives a telling-off to both brothers and says that he also has his own problems and he can't always be there for them.

After finding out more about Macleod Crowley from Rufus, he then calls up Crowley's long deceased son Gavin for information, and summons Crowley to threaten him to return his soul.

Crowley refuses until Gavin himself tells his father that he told Bobby everything he could know about him.

Crowley is shaken but remains unmoved until Dean and Sam call him to reveal that they are at his grave in Scotland and have dug up his body to prepare for burning.

Crowley reluctantly returns Bobby's soul and destroys the contract, while Bobby has him leave in the use of his legs. Crowley goes to Scotland to pick up his remains, presumably to hide it elsewhere.

Later, Bobby thanks the brothers for helping him with this, and once again returns to his usual work. Sometime later, Bobby is called on by Dean for further problems regarding Sam's erratic behavior.

He tells Bobby about Sam letting him get turned into a vampire, and stresses how he wants to do something about it fast. Bobby collects research, but doesn't find anything fitting Sam's diagnosis.

He soon tells Dean that he should probably face the worst-case scenario: "Maybe it's just Sam. It's proven that he is, because Bobby reveals some details that Dean had never known or maybe even wanted to know, including that Dean is his favorite despite remarking how Sam's been the better hunter lately.

Later on, Dean finds a way to get Sam's soul back and tells Sam and Bobby about his wager with Death. Dean heads off to hold his end of the bargain and leaves Sam under Bobby's care.

Under his watch Sam manages to slip away and summon Balthazar. Balthazar tells Sam that they need to scar his vessel, so that his soul will no longer be able to enter it.

He needs to kill a parent but that parent needn't be a blood parent. Closest thing to a father Sam has is Bobby, so with this knowledge, Sam goes after Bobby.

Bobby notices something is up with Sam, and before Sam can get the jump on Bobby, Bobby knocks Sam out. When Bobby goes for rope Sam is gone.

Bobby quickly heads to the closet where he has a trap waiting for Sam. Sam falls for the trap and is locked in the basement.

When things get quiet Bobby goes to check on Sam, only to be knocked out by Sam. Once awake, Bobby tries to talk Sam out of what he is about to do.

Just as Sam is about to sacrifice Bobby, Dean comes and saves Bobby by knocking out his brother and tying him up.

Bobby and Dean then witness Death returning Sam's soul, only being able to watch in shock as Sam screams at them for help as Death painfully places it back in his body.

While waiting for Sam to wake up, Bobby gives Dean a drink and a case to look at it. Then Sam appears and gives both a hug.

Sam reveals to them that he has no memory of the last year and a half. While Dean is ecstatic that his brother is back, Bobby is suspicious.

This mostly comes from the fact that no longer than a week ago, Sam tried to kill him. Though he does help in the hunt by finding out what the boys are hunting and what can kill it.

Bobby sends Dean to an acquaintance, who has the weapon they needed. Sam also calls Bobby for help and asks him if Bobby is okay.

Bobby tells Sam he's fine and does a quick goodbye. On the scene he runs into Rufus, whom he teams up with on the case.

Once they know where this new creature is, Bobby, Sam, Dean and Rufus head out. There they run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell.

Bobby confronts Samuel on giving Sam and Dean to Crowley. Then tragedy hits when Eve's new creature takes over Bobby's body and kills Rufus.

Sam and Dean manage to shock the creature out of Bobby. Bobby mourns Rufus's death by drinking it off which worries Sam and Dean, until Ellen shows up.

Bobby, along with everyone else, remain unaware of the alternate timeline until Sam and Dean investigate murders committed by Atropos.

But it doesn't last once Balthazar and Castiel sets history right, erasing the alternate timeline. Sam and Dean, who retain their memories thanks to Castiel, go to Bobby and resolve to help him.

In Frontierland , Bobby and the Winchesters find Samuel Campbell 's hidden library and after hours of research, they find a tome revealing that the ashes of a phoenix can kill Eve.

Dean finds Samuel Colt 's journal , detailing that he killed a phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming, This gave Dean the idea to have Castiel send him and Sam back in time, kill the phoenix and bring its ashes back to the present.

When Dean summons Castiel, the angel explained that they have to get the ashes within twenty-four hours or he'll be unable to bring them back.

After Dean purchased some cowboy costumes so the boys could blend in, Bobby packs them some gold to use. While waiting for the boys return, Castiel pops into his house injured after being betrayed by his lieutenant, Rachel , and passes out.

Unfortunately, Castiel's injuries weaken him and he no longer has the power to bring Sam and Dean back to the present. This process though, is very painful for Bobby.

Once there, Bobby searches for any signs that Eve is in town, and they find one guy. So they split off and Bobby goes with Sam. When the police come, Bobby manages to con their way out.

When the gang re-groups, they find a bar fill of new creatures. Bobby gives Dean naming rights, who calls them Jefferson Starships. The gang eventually figures out Eve's location and head there.

Sam and Dean head in first, but Bobby and Castiel get caught. So they begin to search for Crowley in secret. So while Dean handles Castiel, Sam and Bobby interrogate a demon disguised as a hunter for Crowley's location.

The demon gives them a name, Ellsworth , and his location. Bobby also discuss the possibility of Castiel knowing where Crowley is with the boys.

Once there they get jumped by some of Crowley's goons but are saved by Castiel. Castiel gives himself away though when he re-uses one of Bobby's lines.

Bobby helps the Winchesters trap Castiel in holy fire. While Castiel is trapped, he reveals to all that he was really the one who freed Sam from Lucifer's Cage.

Dean tells Sam and Bobby about Castiel's visit and Bobby reveals that Castiel stole a diary from them.

Luckily Bobby had made copies. Lovecraft's party and what really happened when they opened the door to Purgatory. Bobby eventually figures out who came through the door and found Dr.

She asks as to how he found her, Bobby tells her he knows all her safe houses. Bobby also tells that her he knows what she is. He later asks her to come with him so he can protect her, but she refuses.

A week later, she goes missing and Bobby plus the boys go looking for her. They find her in an alley, bleeding to death.

Bobby goes to her and asks what happened. Visyak tells Bobby she should have listened to him and tells him that they now know everything Crowley and Castiel.

She had managed to escape, but barely. In her last moments, she tells Bobby how to open the door to Purgatory. Bobby closes her eyes, and then Castiel appears.

Castiel tells them he tired of trying to prove himself, and to back down. He then breaks the wall in Sam's head to distract them.

So while Dean is distracted by Sam's state, he and Bobby put Sam in the panic room for protection. Then Balthazar appears and gives them Castiel's location.

Now with the location, Bobby wants to get going, but Dean wants to stay with his brother. Bobby tells Dean that this is what Castiel wants.

Dean agrees and goes with Bobby, not before leaving their location with Sam. Once there, Bobby and Dean scope out the place, only to find angels crawling all over.

Then Dean notices a giant cloud of black smoke coming straight at them, and they head into the Impala. The smoke smacks right into the car and sends it flying, knocking Bobby and Dean out.

When they come to consciousness, they get out of the car and head into the base. There they see Crowley and Raphael doing the ritual. Bobby and Dean attempt to sneak up on them.

Dean throws an archangel blade at Raphael, but Raphael catches it and Crowley throws the two down the stairs. Then Castiel shows up and shows his new power.

Crowley runs away, leaving Raphael behind. Bobby and Dean watch Castiel blow up Raphael with a snap of his fingers.

Both Bobby and Dean are shocked at this. They are even more shocked when Castiel tells them he is no longer an angel, but the new God.

Bobby begins to kneel in order to appease Castiel, but Castiel knows that he's doing it out of fear and tells him to stand up; he then warns Bobby and the Winchesters to stay out of his way.

Back at his place, Bobby finds Dean repairing the wrecked Impala. Bobby is confused why Dean is fixing the car instead of looking for a way to stop Castiel, and Dean replies it's the only thing he can do.

Bobby later finds Sam in the basement corner looking as if he's protecting himself. Bobby approaches Dean about this, but Dean tells Bobby he can't take anymore hits, will believe that Sam's ok.

Then the idea to summon Death comes up and they get things ready, Bobby casts the spell. But things don't turn out as planned as Castiel knew that they were summoning Death and severed the link between them and Death, setting Death free.

But before leaving, Death said that he will bring the eclipse back so that they can say the spell again and make sure Castiel puts the souls back where they belong.

Bobby also says the chant to open Purgatory again when they help Castiel. But it's too late since the Leviathans had already taken over Castiel's mind and body.

Then the Leviathans show up and Bobby is left behind to watch Sam. While watching Sam, Bobby gets a call from Jody , who tells him her doctor is a monster.

Bobby leaves, and heads to the hospital. He helps Jody leave the hospital and goes to check on the body, where he runs into Dr. Bobby shoots him, but nothing works, so Bobby flees.

Dean later talks to Bobby about Sam's condition, but Bobby isn't too worried. In Defending Your Life , Bobby helps Sam figure out what's killing people and figures out it's the god Osiris , and tells Sam to get Dean out of there.

In Slash Fiction , Bobby is attempting to get information out of Chet , but nothing seems to work.

As the boys are visiting Frank, Bobby continues to work on getting information, but ends up cutting off Chet's head.

As he's working he hears knocking and finds Jody at his door. She brings him beer and offers to cook. Bobby at first refuses, but agrees and lets her in.

Bobby heads down stairs to check on Chet to find the head reattached, but Bobby cuts it off again.

He calls the boys to let them know. Chet whole again, turns into Bobby and begins mocking him about Bobby's life. As Bobby is about to cut his head off, the Leviathan screams in pain as the liquid from Jody cleaning with Borax is leaking onto the Leviathan's skin, through the floorboards burning him.

Bobby heads upstairs and asks what she's using. Surprised that this simple cleaning tool causes the unstoppable Leviathans so much pain.

Happy and caught in the moment, Bobby kisses Jody for helping him. Bobby calls Dean and tells him the information. As Jody is leaving, Bobby gives her the head to throw into a river.

So they gather information and later head out to a local forest to hunt. As they walk through the forest, Bobby reminiscences the times he took the boys out hunting.

Then they hear a noise, and Bobby manages to shoot the creature in the trees with his eyes closed.

They take it back to cabin where he and Sam examine it. They eventually figure out that it's the burgers that are changing people and they follow it back to a factory controlled by the Leviathans.

Bobby has a moment with both Sam and Dean before he goes out on his own and gets captured. When he wakes up, he meets Richard Roman and they talk.

Then Sam and Dean come to rescue him, and Bobby quickly grabs things on Dick's desk and escapes. Bobby is unsure, telling her that everyone else seems to have settled down.

He says he realizes that without an archangel, they are stuck in her universe, and he admits that he isn't sure that he wants to leave.

They notice blood on the ground, and follow a trail to find the beaten and dead body of Maggie. They call Sam and Dean, who arrive with Castiel and Jack, and wonder who or what could have killed her.

Taking the body back to the Bunker, Bobby and Mary continue to investigate who could have killed Maggie.

Bobby tells Mary he has questioned the other refugees, but doesn't believe any of them were to blame for the death. Jack soon makes a surprise visit to the Bunker with Lucifer in tow, much to Bobby and Mary's concern.

While Lucifer resurrects Maggie under Jack's prodding, Bobby places a call to the boys. By the time Sam and Dean get back to the Bunker, Lucifer and Jack have already left, leaving Sam to question Maggie what happened to her.

Bobby and Mary return a short time later after Dean has consented to being Michael's vessel, only to find Castiel sitting alone in the Bunker.

Bobby is training with the newly human Jack , sparring with him in the Bunker 's gym. Bobby assures Jack that he'll get the hang of fighting, telling him that he had his own ass handed to him more times than he could count, and continues their training session.

When Sam gets a call from Kipling looking to make a trade with Sam for Castiel , Bobby is on the team along with Sam, Mary , Jack, and Maggie to go on the rescue mission.

He states his unease to Sam about Jack coming along, believing that he is not ready for a full-on demon fight. On the drive to Detroit , Bobby tells Jack he will have his back no matter what, due to how many times he saved Bobby and his people in Apocalypse World.

When the group arrives at the bar, Bobby and Mary are paired up, and soon after Jack and Maggie are captured by demons, Bobby and Mary burst into the bar and start shooting up the demons.

A few demons gang up on Bobby and Jack attempts to help him, to no avail. After Sam kills Kipling and the demons retreat, the group heads back to the Bunker, where Bobby and Mary share a beer together in the kitchen.

With intel from Sister Jo about the location of Michael and Dean , Bobby and Mary prepare to travel to Duluth to investigate a mass grave where the victims appeared to have been smote by an angel.

At a Duluth morgue, Bobby dusts off his old FBI routine to get information on the deceased from the coroner -- a routine which Sam notices is very rusty.

They each take a body and examine it, with Bobby noting they are "5-star smitings" before Sam notices that his victim is a vampire , which Bobby and Mary also confirm with their bodies.

They are able to track down the only surviving vampire of the nest. Bobby is about to kill Lydia Crawford after learning of Michael's experiments when she offers to give them the location she escaped from in exchange for her being left to live.

The three arrive at the church, only to find it abandoned. Not long after their arrival, a trio of werewolves bursts through the church windows, and attack.

They quickly realize that the werewolves are immune to silver, and have to resort to decapitation. With the werewolves dead, the group is suddenly confronted by Michael, who quickly reveals himself as Dean, telling the group that Michael has left.

Bobby and Mary remain in Duluth to deal with the werewolf bodies, while Sam takes Dean back to the Bunker. To Sam and Dean's surprise, they find Mary and Bobby at the Rawling home investigating what happened to Maggie due to their having been giving her advice leading up to her first solo hunt on the property.

Bobby does not hide his anger with Sam's leadership in allowing Maggie to go off alone; Mary reminds him that they need to finish the job and find Maggie, and pairs Bobby with Dean as they search the grounds.

While walking the grounds, Dean and Bobby find a shed in the woods. As Dean peeps inside, Bobby spots someone walking in the woods and runs after him.

Dean does not notice Bobby's departure and walks inside the shed, where Bobby soon finds him covered in dust after an encounter with a ghoulish Patrick Rawling.

As they head back to the house, Bobby excuses himself to his truck to retrieve something as Dean goes inside.

Instead, Bobby returns to the woods where he is shocked to see his son, Daniel , with his eyes burned out.

Daniel attacks Bobby, and is able to pin him to a tree with an angel blade , but before he can kill him, Mary arrives and distracts Daniel, allowing Bobby to free himself and tackle Daniel off of Mary.

He apologizes as he drives an angel blade through Daniel's chest, at which point Daniel disappears into dust. After rescuing Maggie and stopping the djinn , Neil , who had been manifesting nightmares, the group returns to the Bunker where Bobby is stitched up by Mary and he reveals to her the nature of what happened to his son in Apocalypse World.

He tells her he always expected to die fighting the angels, and doesn't know what to do anymore. Mary offers to help him find a new way.

Mary and Bobby prepare to take their leave to Donna's cabin to recuperate, but before they leave Bobby offers his apologizes to Sam for how he acted, and assures Sam he has what it takes to be a leader more than he ever did.

During a gathering of hunters to celebrate Mary's life, Bobby suddenly appears and flings a hatchet into the head of one, killing him, to everyone's shock.

Bobby explains that it was actually a wraith he recognized from the last hunt he'd taken with Mary, probably at her memorial to gloat.

Bobby and Castiel note that Mary likely would've appreciated having a hunter's memorial that was complete with a monster.

While sharing drinks with Sam and Castiel, Bobby tells them that while he had liked Jack, Jack killed Mary and must be killed for what he did. Though Castiel wants to help Jack, Bobby states that without his soul , Jack's human side is gone and all that is left is Lucifer.

Bobby says he now sees Jack as an unstoppable monster with no humanity in him which needs to be put down, and he departs to hunt him. In order to gain leverage over Sergei , Castiel calls Bobby for help.

When Sergei tries to blackmail Castiel and Eileen Leahy , Castiel reveals that he has Bobby watching Sergei's niece and threatens to harm her if Sergei doesn't help.

In the Butch and Sundance ending , Sam mentions that Bobby and Jody Mills are still fighting against the overwhelming monsters in the world.

Dean tells Sam that they both know that Bobby has a death wish, and that by that point so do Jody and Sam. On December 9, , in the future Chuck predicts, Bobby, Jody, and two other hunters go after Sam and Dean who are now vampires.

The other hunters are killed by the Winchesters and Dean kills Jody. Upon entering the room, Bobby decapitates Sam. Jump to: navigation , search.

Episodes I got here just in time to see your boy get ambushed by a tempter demon. This place? We made it.

Don't know much about this place, but it's a place without Michael, so that's a turn for the better. I don't want none of you goin' soft on me because we are going to get ourselves ready and go back home and set our people free While we're celebrating, let's not forget our brothers and sisters who didn't make it.

They will never be forgotten, and we will do right by them. And now a toast to our new brothers -- Sam and Dean Winchester.

Thanks, boys. Welcome to the family.

Sie kämpfen gegeneinander und Dean tötet Sam fast. Bobby sagt, Conjuring Movie4k wollte Dean nicht belügen, aber er wäre einfach froh gewesen, dass Dean das Jägerleben hinter sich lassen konnte. John hatte Sam erzählt, dass diese Gegenstände einen Dämon fernhalten würden. Nachdem Dean und Sam wieder zusammen sind, fragen sich die drei, Central Kino Dean denn nun lebt. Sam hat eine Kräuterliste von John für Bobby. Als diese einen neuen Fall übernehmen, da eine Jägerin, Annie Hawkinsmit Pietro alle drei ein Verhältnis hatten, Markus Dupree, machen sie sich Bigz den Serie Wie Gossip Girl zum Van Ness Haus. Dean nutzt Bobbys Werkzeuge, um den Impala zu reparieren. Bobby ruft plötzlich an und sagt Sam, dass er sich Sorgen um ihn machen würde. He described his Mary as a complicated women and reveals 4 Wochen Vorschau Köln she did not make a demon deal, telling Mary she made the right choice in Rtl2 App world. As Dean and Bobby undertake to do it, Sam stalls Patrick by playing cards against him. In season thirteen's "Good Thalbach Schauspielerin, Mary Winchester and the Nephilim Jack encounter the alternate reality Bobby after escaping from the custody of the archangel Michael. Bobby auf ein Mal wieder klar im Kopf und erkennt, was er gerade macht und, dass das nicht richtig ist. Interested in.

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Bobby Singer - Unsteady You're a good man, Sam Winchester -- one of the best and I'm damn proud of you, son. At the same time as the breakout, Dean and Crowley talk and Dean quotes Bobby about family Bobby Supernatural family don't end in blood " when talking to him about his problems with his mother. The man is drinking. Währenddessen versucht Bobby, einen Leviathan Detektiv Conan Film 3 Deutsch foltern. Bobby is the first one to voice concerns about Curry Düsseldorf 's activities, and is with Sam and Dean when Castiel appears. Bobby then collaborates with the Winchesters in tracking down Eve, the mother of all monsters, when she is released from Purgatory by a ritual performed by dragonseven after their first attempt results in Bobby being possessed by a Kill Switch Imdb slug Eve has created, as well as in the death of his old friend and mentor, Rufus, in "And Then There Were None". Rufus steals the ring for Bobby, but is arrested.

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Er ist es nun, da er in seinen Träumen gefangen gehalten wird. Also gehen die drei los und überprüfen das Haus von Olivia. Anfangs dachte er noch an.

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Sam hat die Hintertür zur Hölle gefunden. Dann wird. Bobby und Dean erfahren, dass Ellen einkaufen war, als das Roadhouse abbrannte. Dort hatten Bobby und Ellen ein romantisches Verhältnis. Bobby und Dean beobachten, wie der Tod Sam seine Seele zurückgibt. Dean Narcos jedoch auf einmal in einem Raum mit Zachariah und Castiel. Man wusste Jan Köln 50667 fast nichts über Bobbys Familie. Nachdem die Zeitlinie wieder korrekt war, konnte Bobby sich nicht mal mehr daran erinnern, dass sie mal zusammen waren. Bobby Supernatural Als Charlie das Gebäude betritt, fällt den Brüdern auf, dass Bobby es irgendwie geschafft hat, den Flachmann in Charlies Tasche zu stecken. Sam und Dean brechen zu einem neuen Fall auf und Bobby unterstützt sie von zu Hause Mad Max Fury Road Stream Deutsch. Tamara kann jedoch noch von Bobby, Lupita Berlin und Sam gerettet werden. Bobby kann schnell kombinieren Alien Covenant Kinox handelt Dvd Hobbit 3, nachdem er nachgedacht hat. Charlie schafft es auf ihrer Flucht nur bis zur Eingangshalle und ist nun gefangen. Sie finden Olivia tot auf, die wahrscheinlich von einem übernatürlichen Wesen getötet wurde. Parallel-Bobby sei laut Jim Beaver nicht so optimistisch und offen wie der alte Bobby, den wir in Supernatural von Beginn an kennen und lieben Full Metal Jacket Deutsch haben. Dieser empfängt in den nächsten Tagen seine Aktionäre bei der SucroCorp. Read Bobby from the story Supernatural Zitate by Nessy_Holmesb (Anna-​Lena Steggerda) with reads. dean, sam, supernatural. Geschlecht: männlich​. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Bobby Supernatural in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller. My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I'm gonna lose my memory. So here's everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the. Bobby lernt, dass es auch unter Dämonen Unterschiede gibt, als er auf Ruby trifft. Er greift nach einer Unfriend Ende, die auf der Ladefläche liegt, weil er das Fenster einschlagen will. Sam hat die Hintertür zur Hölle gefunden. Bobby ist eine der Hauptpersonen in Supernatural. Bobby meint, dass sie vielleicht seine Hilfe gebrauchen könnten. Anfangs verweigert sie sich; später allerdings ist sie doch anderer Meinung und lässt ihn frei. Sie verbrennen den Flachmann und Bobby Fist Fight Stream Deutsch endgültig.

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